Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Guido Vermeulen # 5

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Brussels, Belgium

" There is an amazing contradiction in our society:
They push children to grow up by all means,
to be prepared for the adult world, to become
productive adults in a competitive world
and then they moan about the loss of
creativity, spontaneity and they push
you into therapy to find your inner child."


Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks for your contribution Guido!

Ria Vanden Eynde said...

yeah! excellent Guido!

Coffee Messiah said...

Ria - Thanks for your comment.

Sam Juliano said...

I finally got over here Michael, and I must say they are all beautiful. Utterly magnificent in every sense!

Coffee Messiah said...

Sam - Thanks for taking a look - everyone obviously has a different take on the theme, which makes it very interesting. There are more on the way - Cheers!