Thursday, January 21, 2021

The World Is A Town - Too

What a time, here in the USA and around the World.

How are you feeling about where you live?

Restart the old World Is A Town....

All received mail will be posted here.

Any size, up to 8.5 x 11" to
fit my scanner.

Words, pictures, paintings, collage,
up to you!

All submissions will be posted below this post.

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The World Is A Town Too
207 N Wayne St
North Manchester, IN 46962 USA

= Cheers!


tony said...

We share common fears......dark clouds every where yet,Goodness,breaks out when you least expect it to! Greetings from H.B.(U.K.) The Pulse Is Still Strong!

Coffee Messiah said...

Hi Tony and yes, the resistance must continue on -
of course, our fearless leader is among the dumbest
of all time = Cheers!

drager meurtant said...

amazing how we are in a constant state of depression and anxiety. My father lived in the Great Depression and survided WW-II. He had more reason (at 98 years is still amazed).
My answer to the current world: see "One president's legacy", at my website, and on flickr.

(in one year atmost, we'll know DT was the best invention of Netflix)

keep on going,

Coffee Messiah said...

Hi drager meurtant and thanks for chiming in -
will take a look at your link and hope to send something = Cheers!