Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Thanks to all who joined in the call.

Just want to let you know :

Feb 24, last day of FluxFest Chicago, Illinois
6018 North

Will be archived there also.

Will post a video of the show and
photos a week or so after
our return.



Subby said...

Sure wish I could be there, CM! Have a great time :)

Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks Subby, not to fear, I'll be sure to show your work and Princess Cheese/Bacon in the video when we get back = Cheers!

Spadoman said...

Congratulations on getting a showcase for your wonderful project. We're actually going to try to make it, if for no other reason, it's always fun to visit my home town of Chicago. The bonus would be to run into you fine folks..


Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks Joe and here's hoping the weather warms up some before then -
If not, I'll get photos/video to post afterwards = Cheers!

karen said...

Okay so i totally missed being able to come out on Sunday to A World is a Town....and I'm really sorry I missed it. Hope you had a great turn out. Must say I feel proud and honored to be included with all the other great submissions. I would very much like to know how to become a member with oldest stopped by during the week at the other location... said I would have enjoyed the group of people involved...he said "they're your kinda peeps mom!" Nice to know he thinks I might fit in somewhere.haha! There is so much I don't know about what's available for sharing the love of art.
thanks Michael,
karen algrim #152
by the way do they have a print out of the event?